The previous summer Kashmir ground to a halt over the executing of a youthful psychological oppressor called Burhan Wani, this May fear mongers murdered a youthful trooper however nobody set out to dissent. Them two were Kashmiris conceived in the delightful towns of Kashmir, one from Tral and the other having a place with Kulgam. Attractive young fellows in their mid twenties whose jazzy photos demonstrated their vitality yet that is the place the examination stops in light of the fact that while one postured with weapons and activists, the other donned an armed force uniform!

Life in Kashmiri towns used to be moderate and straightforward with youths honing their cricketing aptitudes in the plentiful open spaces. Bit by bit, in the ’90s these batting strokes and knocking down some pins styles got supplanted by pelting aptitudes which were aced by standard ‘practice’. It was in this sort of climate that cricket legends got supplanted by Kalashnikov-employing whiskery activists in Pathan suits and numerous young men floated into the colorfulness offered by resisting the law while a modest bunch discreetly picked to take after the way less trodden in those parts. Our 23 year old Lt Umar Fayaz was one such Kashmiri.

While selecting to join the armed force, maybe he overlooked that the Kashmir of today does not permit one the opportunity of decision, there are individuals who choose what the young must do and they stream no disobedience. In a place where hartals cut off school and school logbooks, where town schools are torched so that the adolescent are left with no decision yet to submit to the “lessons” of self-named “guardian angels” of Kashmir, where stone-pelting and consuming textbooks and sacks is the a certain something, how could a sensible youth, who needed to go ahead in life, be saved?

There are individuals who say that he was filling in as a specialist in the armed force while others guarantee that his folks intentionally spread bits of gossip about his seeking after a MBBS course just to shroud the way that he was preparing in the NDA. In any case, nothing pardons the way that he was denied the “azadi” to live all alone terms. What we do know is that he joined the armed force in December 2016 and was posted in Akhnoor close Jammu. He consequently had the fulfillment of serving in his own particular State even while being secure, or that is the thing that the Army thought! This month, he chose to take a crush and go spirit home to go to the wedding of a cousin. While he was at the wedding, a few men came and called him outside, that was the last time Lt Umar Fayaz was seen alive.

Next morning, his shot ridden body was discovered lying by the wayside in Shopian. No one revealed his vanishing, maybe in light of the fact that the guardians did not have any desire to jeopardize his life by including the police. In these towns, the implicit dread of the rebels overwhelms each other nature. Not exclusively did they slaughter the promising young fellow who resisted their diktats, they tormented him to death! The dead body is said to have been gravely mangled, with a many wounds.

What’s more, if this was insufficient, while the last rituals of the fellow were being led there was stone-pelting! So while the burial service of Hizbul Mujahideen “administrator” Burhan Wani was said to have been gone to by thousands, the last trip of Umar Fayaz was defaced by the consider insolence of the deceived. This terrible episode was accounted for by a few nearby columnists and TV Channels however by night, as the judgment developed, some neighborhood “netas” obviously understood the negative repercussions of this occasion. No individual, however deluded, would excuse pelting of stones at a memorial service. Thus the harm control started.

Legislators denied the episode, journalists withdrew their ‘Breaking News’, and News Channels directed monosyllabic “meetings” wherein the first report was denied. It was past the point of no return; there were an excessive number of individuals who had expounded on the vile episode!

There are two takeaways here, right off the bat this business of making ‘good examples’ and ‘publication young men’s by the media is excessively worn out and fills no need. Had our ‘Celeb-columnists’ been intrigued, the child of a rancher could without much of a stretch have overwhelmed the director’s child as far as visual and mass interest, however will that be sufficient to guarantee that the Kashmiri youth swerve towards the correct way? Also, the haughtiness and cocksure suspicions of the “informed” Kashmiris in the Valley in any case, the intolerable executing of one of their own and the consequent rowdiness at the burial service, has disgraced them. Had that not been thus, why might they “deny” the first reports which exuded from the Valley and turn the account, if not to conceal the uncouth conduct of the pelters who have lost the rational soundness to recognize “Dissent” and melancholy. Unless they were aimlessly taking after requests issued over WhatsApp once more!

The pitiless route in which Lt Umar Fayaz ‘s life was stopped is a catastrophe for all Indians, particularly Kashmiris.

What a reprehensible demonstration of inhumanity — a warrior was killed not while battling the foe but rather when he was enjoying some downtime, unarmed and unconscious. On the off chance that his slaughtering was intended to be a notice, let the armed force manage the individuals who set out to issue that risk. As indicated by the media, the executioners have been distinguished; the legislature and the armed force ought not falter in capturing them and demonstrating no kindness.

That is the main answer that we can provide for the individuals who did not have the conventionality to save a saint’s memorial service!


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