BJP government, being the Hindu thekadar conservative government, has as of late declared an incredible arrangement for muslims-that it will begin 5 colleges only for minorities where 40% of seats will be held for ladies of all religions i.e. generally Hindus. Fundamentally it implies that the colleges will have 60% Muslim men enlisted and 40% ladies of all religions selected. Since 40% all ladies is at any rate is probably going to be illustrative of Indian religious statistic everywhere, 80% of the 40% will be Hindu ladies if not straight up higher since Hindu ladies by and large have higher instructive accomplishments that normal sullis who more often than not are reared to be broodmares for future jihadis and thus training is among the slightest of their needs. Here is the extract from above news:

Obviously, Hindu women’s activists and non hindu women’s activists alike ,who have beforehand hailed love Jihad and assault changes as an approach to battle against patriarchy have hailed this move as an approach to help battle Hindu male control simply like the white women’s activist sisters battle white male patriarchy by wearing body sacks (burkha) and declaring that they would preferably be assaulted by muslim displaced people than find out about supremacist men requesting that they be protected. While that is obvious, what is shocking is the quiet from the as far as anyone knows Hindu RW and RW productions on this issue. Indeed, even a large portion of the as far as anyone knows Right wing Twelebs are keeping up an unholy hush on this issue, as though they are quite recently paid BJP chamchas as opposed to individuals with honest to goodness Hindu enthusiasm on a basic level. On the other hand, these individuals have once in a while not kissed BJP’s back on strategy issues and henceforth it isn’t so much that shocking either.

So what is the issue with this thought? As of now clarified, BJP needs to open minority colleges with 40% amount for ladies of all religions. So it is genuinely sensible to expect that the final product of such confirmation strategy is that it will contain 60% muslim men and 32% Hindu ladies, 7% muslim ladies and 1% ladies from different religions. As anybody with learning of Love Jihad can envision, it is fundamentally a program where BJP government will offer Hindus young ladies to muslim men for rearing future jihadis, much the same as spouses of Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and so on. They will generate kids named Taimur Khan, Jihadi Khan, Kaffir Slayer Khan, Muhammed Aurangzeb and so on and the dignity lacking Hindus who enable this to happen can fake their shock on Twitter simply like on account of Kareena and her bring forth.

At the point when there are such a large number of Hindu issues to be unraveled like Right to Education act which has shut down a large number of Hindu run schools each month, why is the Hindu thekadar government i.e. BJP pushing for sending Hindu young ladies to Muslim men under the appearance of strengthening? For an as far as anyone knows Right wing expert Hindu government, BJP has figured out how to accomplish something which even Hindu haters like Communists and Congress have not done before-logical whoring of Hindu intrigue. Does BJP feel that transforming Hindu young ladies into brood female horses of the jihadis is the most ideal approach to settle Muslim issue?

This article may put off some BJP followers, who will bolster BJP and Modi if tomorrow BJP passes a law ordering that Hindus should mandatorily give their girls to Jihadis simply like how BJP passed a law making it illicit for Hindus to not offer houses to Muslims in the event that they would prefer not to transform their homes into butcher houses, and some balanced Hindu Right wingers as well, who may discover this article hostile. The previous can go kiss BJP’s back like they generally do and disregard this news/article while for the last mentioned .ie ordinary Hindus, this article being hostile is the goal of this article and if the words sound hostile, think about the truth.

The main other answer for this kind mainstream legislative issues of BJP is to rebuff BJP by not voting in favor of them to make it clear that the liberal/jihadis/common votes they pick up from pimping Hindu interests is far not as much as the votes of Hindus they will lose by such approaches. On the off chance that Hindus continue tuning in to the girl offering unit of BJP, i.e. BJP supporters who will need BJP in power regardless of the possibility that it pitches their little girls to sullas like in this example and continue voting in favor of BJP under the horse crap thought of TINA(there is no option), then BJP has no impetus of revising itself as it has a bigger number of votes to pick up than to lose in light of the fact that sense of pride lacking and idiotic Hindus will keep on voting for BJP utilizing TINA pardon. To be perfectly honest, if this BJP government, which reserves Jihadis by utilizing Hindu Tax cash when it should be the thekadar of Hindus and Nationalism (there is no Indian Nationalism without Hindus), is as well as can be expected thought of , then Hindus should surrender any expectation for an appropriate future for them.


Image  Source: News18


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